Shokan Valikhanov’s expedition to Kashgar

Shokan Valikhanov was a great Kazakh traveler-investigator, deep expert and researcher of Central Asia.  He’s travel to Kashgar, one of the big cities in Western Turkestan. This region was a mistery place for a long time.  Kashgaria has been closed for Europeans at that time. That’s why it was very dangerous to work and collect scientific materials about Kashgaria. Shokan had to “turn” into a merchant Alimbay for 10 months, studying the life and customs of Kashgarians, the situation and moods of population, the history, geography and ethnography of this region. In Kashgar Shokan mastered his Uigur language. In 1859 political conditions in Kashgar become aggravated and he has arrived to Vernyi sity.

Travel to Kashgar has strongly upset Shokan’s health. He was ill and could not go to Petersburg with the report. He has arrived to Petersburg only in the end 1859.  Scientists in Russia have met him as the brave traveler and investigator, great expert and researcher of Central Asia. P.P.Semenov-Tjan-Shansky petitioned before the government about retain of Shokan Valikhanov in Petersburg for scientific employment. Shokan prepared the works for publication “Sketches About Dzungaria”, “About Altynshar Condition, or six east cities of Chinese Province Nan-Lu , in 1858-1859”. His works have been published in “Transactions of the Geographical society». In 1861 due to Shokan Valikhanov’s health has been compelled to leave Petersburg. In 1864 he has been invited in military expedition of General Tchernyaev. But Shokan has been compelled to leave it. In his opinion, connection should occur by peace, but imperial General Tchernyaev, a conductor of colonizer policy of tsarism, resorted often to bloodshed. Shokan, dissatisfied with it, has left expedition and has come back in Vernyi.